About us

Founded in 2008 StorEx has grown from strength to strength as we expanded our skillset and offerings over more than a decade. Working closely with clients to meet their needs we have strengthened our partnerships and client relationships.

We believe in good, clean business and advantageous partnerships. Being a business founded on integrity has seen us grow into a trusted and respected player in the ICT Services arena. Our long-standing partnerships are at the core of our business.

Over the past 12 years we have seen a significant increase in the demand for our services. Some of our offerings being the only alternative option for managers of IT estates.  Our need satisfying, cost-saving service offerings have gained an enormous amount of traction as we meet a dire need for reputable, post-warranty maintenance.

 It is this increased demand for our services which has driven our growth into Africa, the Middle-East and Eurasia.


Storex achieves LEVEL 1 in terms of the new government gazetted B-BBEE regulations. The company, in conjunction with PWC, legally expands into Dubai, Kenya and Turkey with full operating licences and all statutory requirements in place.


Storex introduces additional alternative support offerings for EMC / Cisco and Netapp systems amongst others. Many ICT Listed entities transform the way they service their customers by means of the initiatives.


The Senior Management of StorEx take on the opportunity to transform the organisation to comply to the codes of good practise for the ICT charter in terms of B-BBEE. The company achieves a Level 2 rating.


The Company is founded by Jan Beukes, an Entrepreneur, and graduate in the field of Computer and Industrial Electronics, with over 30 years of Leadership experience in the Support and Maintenance of Enterprise Systems. The company immediately sets out to establishing its footprint nationally.

Our Mission Statement

“To be the leading supplier of Multi Vendor ICT Infrastructure Lifecycle Extension Services in our chosen International markets.”

Our Value System

  • We promote empowerment and adhere to corporate governance requirements.
  • We invest in the best processes and systems and demonstrate return on investment to our customers.
  • We employ the best staff in their chosen fields, promote accountability and reward performance.
  • We demand that our management optimize resources to the benefit of our customers.
  • We persevere with high levels of pro-active world-class product and service delivery.
  • We make our entire team responsible for customer satisfaction, growth and retention.
  • We hold our staff, management and shareholders jointly responsible for the success of our company.


Bongiwe Khoza

Bongiwe Khoza

Non-executive Shareholder

Bongiwe is a diligent business women. She is the managing director of Computer Parts Supply, an organisation specializing in the supply of computer hardware. Bongiwe is dedicated to the growth of CPS.

Bongiwe is dedicated to maintaining and growing professional partnerships and has seen this lead to great success. Her actions are informed by her uncompromising integrity, and it is these qualities that see her make an ideal partner and shareholder to Storex.

Her passion for success has seen Bongiwe grow her business and investments. As her company continues to grow, she is committed to doing business that is based on honesty and trust.

In her free time Bongiwe is happiest spending time with her family and friends.

Jan Beukes

Jan Beukes

Founder & CEO

Jan is an innovator and a born entrepreneur. His visionary thinking and drive to create value informs his leadership. Jan is passionate about challenging the status quo, it is this disruptive nature that has fuelled the creation StorEx and the alternative approach to ICT Life Cycle management.

A Computer and Industrial Electronics graduate, Jan has over 30 years of experience in the Support and Maintenance of Enterprise Systems. Jan has spent the last 12 years dedicated to building Storex into the company that it is today. Jan is proud to have overseen the sucessful expansion of Storex into Kenya, Turkey and the UAE. 

It is Jan’s uncompromising ethical standards and respect for partnership that has supported his professional success. He is also passionate about creating an environment where others can develop and reach their full potential. Jan is immensely committed to uplifting the loyal, dedicated members of his staff. Jan values results and is known for promoting and empowering performing staff. 

In his free time Jan enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He is a keen golfer and enjoys boxing.

Cherel Moumakwe

Cherel Moumakwe

Executive Director: Customer Communications

Cherel is a driven powerhouse. Just over 10 years ago Cherel joined Storex as a receptionist, her work ethic and commitment to Storex have seen her grow through the ranks of the organisation. 

As one of Storex’s oldest employees Cherel understands the building blocks of the company in detail. As an empowered woman she is driven to share the success that she has attained with the members of her staff. She is led by her desire for personal growth and career development and hopes to set an example for those around her of how to take advantage of opportunities when they are given.

In her free time Cherel can be found spending time with her son. She enjoys sharing her passion for and knowledge of the ICT industry with him.