IT managers worldwide have enough pressure as it is. They must manage IT infrastructure to ensure system uptime, look after IT security to protect company data, oversee IT budgets, stay up to date with the latest IT trends and ensure successful system integration of their various software applications – IT Maintenance on all their systems should not have to add another layer of stress.

Outsourcing the maintenance of your out-of-warranty or end-of-life/ end-of-service-life equipment to a 3rd party maintenance provider, like StorEx, can reap many benefits, including:

    StorEx has multi-vendor expertise that enables you to avoid multiple service contracts by giving you a single point of contact for all your IT requirements.
    StorEx is flexible with their service options and can tailor it to your business needs and budget. This will enable you to pay only for the service support you require. View our
    service level agreement options.
    StorEx is well known for its cost-saving advantage in the market. Our maintenance solutions are generally 30-60% less expensive than the OEM. This will enable you to free up your budget and make greater investments into future technological projects.
    StorEx removes the typical “end-of-life/end-of-service-life” support myth and enables the customer to upgrade only when there is a strategic need for it. This means that you are no longer dependent on only the support of your original equipment manufacturer, but you now have access to a cost-effective alternative maintenance solution, where you are able to extend the life of your IT assets.
    StorEx enables customers to extend the usable life-cycle of their IT equipment beyond the OEM warranty period. You can continue using your existing equipment with no risk to your business environment and enjoy greater returns from your capital investments.
    Through StorEx you have access to an always available ITIL service desk and smart supply chain management division. This means that all support calls logged with service desk agents will be managed from inception to completion and any hard to find items can be easily sourced, ensuring you get the correct spare parts at the right time and place. You will also be assigned to dedicated account managers that will put your business needs first.
    StorEx understands the importance of business continuity in your on-premise or data-center environment. Our support includes a global network of engineers to look after your IT infrastructure. We can also provide a resident-engineer to be fully present in your IT environment if required.


If you feel that Third-Party Maintenance is the right support option for you, please contact our sales department on +27 11 468 3746, alternatively email: to get a quote customized to your IT environment and needs.