StorEx, together with it’s holding company, Evernex is closely monitoring the global Coronavirus pandemic and following guidance from both the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as local government organizations to reduce the impact of the virus, where possible. As part of the President’s regulations surrounding the nationwide lockdown, IT infrastructure is considered critical business and thus our business will continue as usual and we will stay committed to deliver on our promise of quality service to our customers. We understand the complications and concerns that the COVID-19 has raised and we want to ensure you that all possible measurements are being implemented to allow for the personal safety of our staff and customers.

Precautionary measurements that has been taken to avoid the virus from spreading, includes:

  • All business-related travel, by means of air has been suspended until further notice.
  • Skype or digital meetings are held as opposed to face to face meetings.
  • Hand sanitizers has been distributed internally to all mobile staff members to use on a regular basis.
  • All staff members have been informed about the dangers of the COVID-19 and were made aware of precautions to take, in order to reduce their chances of infection.
  • We continually update our staff on the COVID-19 situation, as we get more information from the respective organizations.
  • We have issued gloves and safety masks to all staff members handling imports/exports and working in external environments.
  • All field engineers are instructed to keep a safe distance at the customers facilities.
  • Remote working conditions are implemented, as far possible.

At this point in time, there has been no impact on our service delivery and we can ensure you that all business divisions are equipped with access to the necessary tools and resources required to perform their jobs to the expected standards.

StorEx Supply Chain and Spare parts operation is still in full swing with spares available as per the norm. All main suppliers and local suppliers are still able to provide us with our necessary spare parts. Lockdowns throughout the country do need to be considered and thus we do anticipate small delays in our process. These are unchartered territories for all of us, but we are still committed to meet all our SLA’s during this lockdown phase. Limited flights and lockdowns at the borders will inevitably affect the timing of deliveries, however we are in constant contact with all supply chain parties such as global suppliers, shipping agents and courier companies to ensure we can best manage the efficiency of the distribution process. Alternative suppliers and shipping agents are also on standby to ensure all spare parts can reach the required destination.

Our field engineers are available to perform service in accordance with local guidelines and regulations. They are further asked to mark themselves as unavailable if they are under quarantine or become ill. As a precaution, our engineers will handle the transport and installation of the spare part. This will allow your employee not to have any contact with the spare parts. The engineer will then record your name, with the date and time of delivery and will require you to sign the field service book with your pen.

We understand that some of our customers/partners may also have their own COVID-19 measurements in place and we accommodate this by calling our customers upfront before technicians attend to their calls. If the organisation feel that their premises are at risk we will postpone the call upon request, to ensure the safety of our staff.


Please remember to wash your hands regularly, before and after receiving the installation of the call. Please avoid direct contact with engineers, such as handshakes and always keep your 1 to 2-meter distance during an interaction.

If you have any specific questions or concerns relating to the pandemic and our response, please do not hesitate to make contact. We will gladly assist.