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IT Infrastructure Maintenance Solution

As technology continues to advance over time, businesses are faced with rising costs. This increases the pressure on IT managers to work efficiently with their IT budgets.

Explore how you can accommodate your IT budget for these industry challenges by means of the StorEx Cost Saving solution.

Third-Party Maintenance and Cloud Migration

Cloud migration has become an important consideration for businesses worldwide. It is however shown over again that migrating to the cloud is no easy process and in fact it may take longer than anticipated and even exceed the estimated budget on IT spend of the organisation.

Discover how StorEx can assist you in better planning your cloud migration journey by means of our ICT life-cycle extension management services.

StorEx FAQ

What is Third-Party Maintenance (TPM)?


Third-Party Maintenance is a unique cost-effective alternative to maintenance support received by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). TPM providers are skilled in extending the life-cycle of your IT hardware and software infrastructure beyond the warranty period given by the OEM. This allows you to get maximum return from your existing enterprise equipment.

Why is TPM support less expensive than the OEM?


According to Gartner, TPM providers can save a company up to 60% on their IT maintenance and support costs as opposed to the OEM support list prices.

StorEx, with over a decade of experience, achieves this cost-saving by means of the following factors:

  • We have an in-house electronic repair hub that refurbishes spares back to OEM specifications.
  • On average 1 of our spare parts can feed off on 5 SLA contracts.
  • As maintenance is our only business, we purchase a lot of our spare parts in bulk, which leads to economies of scale.
  • Over time our Supply Chain Management division formed long-standing partnerships with logistics and parts suppliers. These alliances establish our position as key account which translates to cost-savings when purchasing spare parts.
  • We do not have the overhead costs for research and development for new hardware or software like the OEM’s does.
How long has StorEx been in business?


StorEx is founded in 2008 by company CEO, Jan Beukes (link to bio). Ever since we have seen an increase in the demand for our services and recently formed part of the Evernex group, who is an international leader in the TPM space with over 35 years of experience. Together with our holding company we have a combined force of knowledge and skills providing our customers with the best possible support for their critical equipment.

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What is the geographic footprint of StorEx?


Evernex, the holding company of StorEx, has enabled our service reach across more than 160 countries within Africa, the Middle East, APAC, Americas and Europe. Where needed, StorEx works in partnership with local providers within these regions to facilitate support.

Following our extensive experience and partner network we are poised to meet the increasing need for TPM in the global market. For this reason, our coverage and support areas evolve in correspondence with our client’s requirements and can be developed accordingly.

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What type of SLAs does StorEx offer?

StorEx offers various customizable SLA Maintenance Options.

Our cost-effective Service Level Agreement offerings provide low risk, high quality solutions to ensure maximum availability of your Hardware and Software Infrastructure across Multiple OEM Brands via a Single Point of Contact.

Our SLA options include:

    • StorEx Silver- NBD [ Next Business Day Response & Fix]
    • StorEx Gold- SBD [ Same Business Day Response & Fix]
    • StorEx Platinum- 24/7 x 365 [ 4 Hour Response & 6 Hour Fix]
Does StorEx offer an SLA with just spare parts?


Yes. Evernex, the holding company of StorEx, created a service called Spare as a Service™, or SPaaS™.  Through their state-of-the art spare data center parts facility in Europe and 330 forward stocking locations worldwide, we can offer an SLA with only spare parts, when required.

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What is the process to log a call when I have an issue?


StorEx has an Always available ITIL Service Desk to ensure an excellent client experience 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our service desk agents are trained and experienced in owning and managing every service event from inception to completion.

Once an SLA is signed with StorEx, a formal call logging and escalation procedure document will be shared with the client, which will highlight the exact steps to take when an issue arises to ensure every call is attended to in the most efficient way.

Can I call for support, should I find a piece of equipment that is not included in my SLA?


Yes. StorEx can assist in bringing the equipment that is not under maintenance back to a healthy state by providing a time and material quotation, thereafter this may be added to the current maintenance agreement and billed accordingly to ensure service continuity and no disruption.

Does StorEx provide on-site system support?


Yes. At StorEx we ensure maximum systems uptime and reliability, especially on production environments that run critical applications. Combining solid systems domain expertise and our in-depth knowledge of technology, we are able to provide SLA services in conjunction with the appropriate on-site systems administration skills, if this is required.

Will StorEx charge a fee to re-certify the equipment for support?


No. We will provide support with no additional charges to re-certify, as long as the equipment is in a working condition.

Can StorEx provide software patches and updates?


No. Basic operating system support can be provided for certain server models, however due to the intellectual property rights of the manufacturer, we do not have the authority to sell or install any software updates or patches. Over the last decade we have formed long-standing relationships with many Tier 1 listed IT companies and can therefore refer you to a reseller for the required software patch/update.

What if I need to keep a hard drive due to sensitive information?


We understand that these devices sometimes contain confidential information, which must be kept safe. We therefore offer you as the customer 2 options:


  1. Hard drive retention OR
  2. We can destroy the hard drives on your behalf and issue you with a destruction certificate at an additional charge.
Do you service laptops and desktops?


Yes. StorEx can service your laptop or desktop if the device is still under warranty.

Although our support model for medium size and enterprise level IT infrastructure is based on out-of-warranty or end-of life equipment, we regret to provide the same maintenance support for small scale devices. Cost implications associated with such service, does not justify our time and material.

    Do you offer buybacks?


    Yes. StorEx has a large customer base with 1000’s of infrastructure on support for which we often require the same spare part. As long as there is an internal requirement for the equipment, we will buy it from you.

      Are your engineers certified? What certifications do they have in place?


      Yes. StorEx pride themselves on giving only the best services to our clients. All our engineers are qualified and independently trained. Certificates can be made available upon your request.

        Where do you get your spare parts from?


        StorEx’s SLA Maintenance contracts are empowered by our industry leading Supply Chain Management division. Over a decade of experience with post-warranty maintenance means our SCM division has keen expertise when it comes to sourcing and delivering parts, including hard to find items.

        At StorEx we maintain long-standing partnerships with logistics and parts suppliers, these alliances ensure our position as a key account. We use this key account status to translate cost-savings and faster lead times to our customers.

        As a mandate StorEx does not purchase or supply grey-parts. Our in-house Electronic Repair lab is equipped to perform to-spec refurbishments meaning that, whether bought or repaired, we only provide parts that are certified to meet OEM standards.

          Where do you stock your spare parts?


          StorEx has access to over 330 stocking locations worldwide, including the largest warehouse facility of spare parts in Europe, where our holding company, Evernex is headquartered. Depending on the clients need, the quantity of spare parts and the criticality of the equipment on support we also stock parts at the premises of the client. This enables easy collection and quick response times.