B-BBEE – Level 1

At StorEx we are extremely proud of our level 1 B-BBEE status and what it stands for.

We believe that our status reflects our passion and commitment toward developing our beautiful country. We feel passionate about training people and rising them up. We also believe that success is better when shared.

This is why our management structure and charitable contributions speak of the responsibility that we feel to use our influence responsibily.

Click here to download our B-BBEE Certificate.


Management Control

StorEx has a 50% black female representation on our Executive Management board of Directors.

Skills Development

At StorEx we pride ourselves on the development and growth of our staff members. 

We offer internship positions throughout the year and focus on further developing PDI staff where possible.


StorEx has a extensive range of suppliers both locally and internationally, based on our industry requirements. 

We support both EME; QSE and Generic business throughout.

Enterprise & Supplier Development

We support Supplier Development on a regular basis and contribute towards small, black-owned enterprises throughout the year. 

We believe that it is our responsibility to promote grow and assist young business where possible in order to better our economy as a whole.

Social Development

We are invested in our Social Responsibility and consistently contributes towards Non-Profit Organizations as well as Educational facilities for students in South Africa where we feel that our contributions would make a difference to the youth of our country.